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Structure of Game

How are Games being Developed | Structure of Game in 2024

Computer games are becoming more and more popular nowadays. The structure of game, or the pattern of game development is the same for nearly all types of games. Now what are computer games? You can learn much about computer games by clicking here.

Today’s topic is the structure of a game or what pattern is followed to develop any game. Well, It depends upon many factors, some are constants but at the same time some are also variable. So let’s go inside this structure of game development.

Types of Games:

Before going to the gaming structure, let’s first look at the types of games. There are two types of games

1. 2D Games:

The 2D stands for two-dimensional. These games are comparatively easier to develop than 3D games and are also becoming very popular in Android but still are not so popular on Desktop.

Structure of Game

2. 3D Games:

The 3D stands for three-dimensional. These games consist of high graphics and are comparatively very difficult to develop. Thus to develop them, you have to buy some assets and need a complete team, you should have Excel of gaming engines and many other things. Therefore, it is difficult to develop them.

Classical Gamers | How are Games being  Developed | Structure of Game in 2024

Structure of Game:

The structure of the game depends upon the following things that are explained below:

1. Idea

Every game needs a foundation or Idea. It consists of a few steps from the idea to the proper and clear image of the game in your mind.

While Idea you should foundation of the game. It means, the role of each player in the game, and how the players will communicate with each other. This should be defined properly.


GDD stands for Game Development Document. This is a critical stage of pre-development. In this stage, you write all the specifications, levels, graphics, and gaming engine that you going to use, and also all other things such as assets and money that you are going to invest and all important points.


It is the working implementation of your elevator pitch. It means your GDD. It consists of some of the major and basic points of your game.

It consists of a simple story, characters, and all important things at a basic level. It is because, before going to make the whole game or buying or using such a heavy development and buying the assets and using such high graphics, behave to know, if the user or others like your game and what feedback they give on your game.

Development Stage :

In this stage, when you believe that your prototype is liked by others you get good feedback and you think that this gaming idea can be successful then you have to go to this stage of development.

This stage will be the most expensive in your whole game development. It takes a lot of time, effort money, members, assets, gaming engines, and all other such things to develop a game. All the things discussed in GDD must be made in the development stage to proper the game.

You need a whole team or company for this, to develop a 3D game, because you can not add all 3D graphics modules, UI’s, and all other things on your own.

You must have to take care of many others like a programmer, level scripter, game designer, Art designer, sound technician, and others to properly design a game.

Launching a Game:

After you have developed the game then it’s time to publish or launch your game. For launching your game, you have a few options, out of which your most common will be Roblox, Play Store,, and others

. I hope you understand the structure of game development, from idea to publishing. If you wanna learn how to publish the game on Roblox then you can check it here for a blog.

Structure of Game Development Company:

The structure of a game development company means which members are required or which members should be present in a game development game. The following are the necessary members of the game development company:

Game Programmers:

The game programs are coders that type game code and play a very important role in game development.

Art Designers:

The art designers deal with the 3D modules and graphics and art designing capabilities of the game.

Game Designer:

Game designers and art designers are often considered to perform the same job. But the game designer deals with basic mechanisms and in the present things of the game.

Game Tester:

Game testers test the games and their job is to write all the bugs of game development. Their job is to test games and note bugs.

Story Writers:

Story writers write the story of the game. If your game is a story then it is very important to have a story writer on your team

Project Manager:

Project managers deal with the projects. Its job is to check the regular updates that which game should be updated now or which is pending to be designed.

Ad Managers:

The ad managers decide the strategy of the promoting and Google campaigns, ads of the game, and SEO of the game. It helps to get more downloads and views.


If the earning your earnings increase by more than 5000$ or 10000$ or any such number at that scale, you need an accountant that charts out all the earnings from ads, in-app purchases, and others.

Thus these are some of the most important roles for a main-scale or small company.

FAQs – Structure of Game

Here are some FAQS about the structure of the game, the process of development, and the structure of the company.

Q1: What is the typical structure of a game development company?

A game development company typically consists of different departments such as game design, programming, art and animation, quality assurance, marketing, and management. Each department plays a crucial role in the development and release of a game.

Q2: How are decisions made regarding the structure of a game within a game development company?

Decisions regarding the structure of a game are usually made collaboratively by the game design team, developers, artists, and other stakeholders within the company. The structure is often based on the game concept, target audience, and available resources.

What steps are involved in the development of the structure of game?

The development of a structure of game typically involves initial concept creation, game design documentation, prototyping, level design, asset creation, coding, testing, and iteration based on feedback. Each step is crucial in ensuring a cohesive and engaging game structure.

Q4: How important is it to maintain a clear and organized structure throughout the game development process?

Maintaining a clear and organized structure is essential in game development as it helps ensure that the game stays on track, resources are allocated efficiently, and team members can collaborate effectively. A well-defined structure also contributes to the overall quality and success of the game.


A Game can not be developed without following all steps of the process of game development. A 3D game needs a whole company to be made, because there are multiple tasks to perform, and a single man can not do all the tasks alone.

There are many tasks to do such as programming, game designing, sound technicians, Art designing, level scripting, game testing, and many others and it is unlike indie games

. An indie game can be made by a single person but big games need proper gaming research or a gaming company to be developed. Happy developing!

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