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1. Learning Stage :

Your first stage is learning. But it's also not the last stage. I agree that learning never ends, but here we will also teach you how you will convert your learning into earning. The time you spend on learning is your time learning and learning your skills.  90 days is enough, but you can go further.
If you don't have any skills, then you can't move toward the next step. From where you can learn skills, if your skill is game development or want to learn any programming language, then you can check out the courses page, but if you can't find one there, then you can also recommend a course.
You will find a recommendation option at the bottom of the contact page. On the courses page, we have placed the best courses that we found among different websites and platforms. But unfortunately, we can't have our courses now. So don't get any tension. They will be there soon.

1. Course Page
2. Youtube
3. Udemy
4. Great Learning
5. GeeksforGeeks
6. W3School
7. edX
8. Coursera
9. Codecademy
10. Khan academy

But if the skill you want to learn is not coding or if you want to learn any other skill, then you can also check out DigiSkill and The Great Learning. The best thing about The Great Learning is that it gives you a free certificate. That you can use to improve your civil society.
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2. Free Work:

After you have learn your skill, then the question arises what to do next? Don't know. Then let me tell you that your second goal is free work. What does it means? It simply means work for any other person but don't ask him anything unless he give you something by its own. But why? the reason is your portfolio and to sharp your skill.
When someone ask you to do anything then he tells you his requirements and that is your real test. Because meeting real life problem is far away from your practice. And this stage is your real practice. Here you gonna meet yourself that how much you are expert in that skill. But from where you will get free work. Here are some platforms and hacks given below:

1. Your Family members can give you.
2. Facebook groups and other social media platforms
3. Workchest

From these, you can find work that you can do to improve your skills.

3. Paid Work:

Now let's begin with the final stage which is paid work. Now this is the stage for which most freelancers start their journey but remember that stage comes after the previous two stages. Now there are many platforms where you can go but now I'm guiding you platforms you should choose. Although nearly every platform requires programmers but Among all of the different platforms, the platforms that I recommend are:

1. Upwork
2. Guru
3. Linkedin
4. 99designs

Now don't just stick remain here. Cuz now I'm gonna tell you something special. You don't need these platforms for clients. Now can also go ahead and find them. But where you can find the?! Now can find them on Linkedin, Facebook Groups, Job boards, Reddit,s and Markets Places. But for these you have some extra things. First you need a payment method. One that I will recommended Payyd. After i,t you will need your portfolio. You will make it through free work. You have to make a portfolio website and all done. Go and find clients by yourself.

You can also use these skills to make amazing games and after that make them live on the Internet. But it takes a lot of time and also you can't make a good game alone. For that you need a team. If you have then it is also a good option. Last but not least, software houses. If there is one near where you live or if you know anybody who works there. Then you can talk to them about your job.
Road Map
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