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Key Details

  1.  mobile phones.Unity is a tool for making video games and 3D applications.
    2. It helps people create games without needing to start from scratch.
    3. You can use Unity to build games for computers, consoles, and
    4. It’s popular because it’s user-friendly and supports many platforms.
    5. Unity uses a visual interface, so you don’t always need to write code.
    6. Programmers can use C# (a type of code) in Unity to make things happen.
    7. Artists can add 3D models and make things look good in the game.
    8. Unity has a big community, so people can help each other with problems.
    9. It’s used by both big game companies and small indie developers.
    10. Unity is not just for games; people also use it for simulations and virtual reality.

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