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There are three ways to use Squalr:

  • Front end GUI: This is the easiest way to use Squalr. You can launch the application and select the target process from the list. Then you can use the various tools and features to scan and manipulate memory, inject code, debug, and create cheats. You can also save and load your projects and share them with others.
  • Scripting API: This is a more advanced way to use Squalr. You can write scripts in C# or any .NET language to interact with the engine and perform custom tasks. You can use the scripting API to automate complex actions, create custom user interfaces, or extend the functionality of Squalr.
  • Back end NuGet packages: This is the most advanced way to use Squalr. You can use the NuGet packages to integrate Squalr into your own applications or projects. You can access the core features of Squalr, such as memory reading and writing, assembly and disassembly, code injection, and debugging. You can also hook into the engine’s output to receive logs of events. .
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